Community Calendar / Bulletin Board

Do you have an announcement you would like to submit for the bulletin board? (Please first read through the guidelines below)

Community announcements run on our calendar / bulletin board on our TV channels, in between programming throughout each day. In addition, we also schedule dedicated blocks of time each day for the calendar / bulletin board to run. You can find those times on our program grids found at the bottom of our page . Calendar announcements are also posted here, in this slideshow & also in list form (below).

See our Educational and Government Announcements slideshow here.

Eligibility Requirements & Guidelines for Bulletins
1. Must be from a non profit organization, civic group, school, church, or government agency
2. The organization must be serving people in the Towns within our local service area (Ludlow, Plymouth, Cavendish, Mount Holly, Andover, Reading)
3. If it is promoting event, the event must be no less than 2 weeks away

If your announcement meets these 3 criteria, please send us the information by clicking here.

Click here to view a clickable listing of the current calendar announcements (organized by organization, in alphabetical order).